Friday, April 3, 2015

The Time Has Flown By!

Sorry I haven’t been posting for awhile.  It has been a busy 1st year teaching art to middle school students and the district requires all our lessons and curriculum be posted to the online school site; so much work.  I have enjoyed the student’s enthusiasm for creating art and their wonderful creations have inspired me  to create.  SO I have been busy with the students work and my own art was minimal.  Now that my online class pages are mostly finished, I am sooooo ready to create art, even just get outside in the sunshine to sketch.

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Spring time is in the air!

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March flew by, in hazy days of cold, wind and snow. As the snow melted over these first few days of April the coming of spring has inspired me to do some spring cleaning, organizing and sorting.  As I went through the piles of tools, materials and papers in my stash. I realized it is time for a “Crafting” Yard sale to weed out the items I have not used up and the items I have created but have not sold yet.   I have some cute items; scrapbook pages, cards, mini journals, home decorative items and some miscellaneous materials that will all need to be priced, tagged and put up for sale.  

Hum, now where to start – should I sketch now then sort / price tag later?   Definitely!!


Screen project. ... Fall Pumpkin instead.

I have wanted to start  another screen drawing, using the Neocolor II  crayons, yet with the fall season coming  I noticed one of my small p...