Thursday, August 7, 2014

Busy Summer - Creating Art

During July I was taking graduate studio work, and creating for the classes at AC Moore. I designed a class (July and August) for kids based off the idea of drawing and ZentangesR  . . . the ATC Tangle-doodles class. The images were interesting enough that some adults expressed they wanted to learn. I also have classes available for bookmaking still, through the end of August. Along with a new class that will meet weekly on Thursdays; Visual Journaling that is along the idea of Gina Rossi Armfield’s book No Excuses Art Journaling.  It is a great resource of inspiring yourself and creativity.

July flew by doing graduate studio work. I worked on my artwork, taking photos and editing the pictures. Drawing and sketching.  Researching. . . lighting for photographing landscapes and macro images in the forest, along with contemporary photo artists.  I also researched fantasy artists, wings and watercolor illustrators because I was illustrating ideal fairies for a book wish to illustrate.  

Now it is August and I am still busy as ever.   I thought summer might be relaxing making art . . . no way. The kids are getting ready for back to school. I am creating many, many, many new lessons for the classes I will be teaching at Hampstead Middle school, to grades 5 through 8.  AND I will still be teaching the few classes at AC Moore. 

Screen project. ... Fall Pumpkin instead.

I have wanted to start  another screen drawing, using the Neocolor II  crayons, yet with the fall season coming  I noticed one of my small p...