Monday, June 9, 2014

102nd B-day Party

Today was an interesting day, We held a party for my grandmother who turned 102 today, over 115 family members gathered and reminded her of the wonderful memories she gave us.

Today my grandmother turned 102 years old, shes still in good health and she was my main inspiration for starting to create art. She taught me to oil paint at age 8, I painted from flowers and trees to everything else with her. We created on canvas, on slate, on sones, on large shells, on paper then we began other adventures. She taught me about drawing figures and the scale of them when I was 10, illustrating and creating characters while sitting under the weeping willow in the yard. She is my inspiration to continue my passion to create, until 2 years ago she was still painting and drawing. She always asks what I am making and drawing when I see her even though she may ask me again in an hour we have a great conversation of art.

Always keep in contact with the ones who inspire you and the family you care about, and if your lucky like I was your art inspiration comes from family.

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