Friday, May 30, 2014

Graduate Class Artwork

This month I have been doing a lot of drawing and creating for my classes.  I found it interesting to make art in a different medium than the mixed media collages I have been doing.  I have been doing research that I am interested in on some artists and themes.  From my researched ideas, I have been evaluating my own work, questioning my-self about what my art has to say and what motivates me to create.  Because I am taking two different graduate classes, I have two separate art statements, and I have been trying to refine them both.  Below is some of the work that I have created this month.

 This image is inspired by a classmate’s artwork.

Some of the sketches from the beginning of the month are dark, at the start of the month my art desk needed a light fixed, once the broken light was fixed the photos came out better.

I have also found that I really want to get back into creating block prints, so I will be using some of my sketches to create the stamps for block printing.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Collage Sheet Girl - Inspiring artist for Mixed Media art and collage

Collage Sheet Girl: How To Make Vintage French Postcard Scrabble Tile ...:    These are from my personal collection of vintage French postcards and old love letters.  I feel so blessed that others have saved these treasured memories for all to use and enjoy today.

Screen project. ... Fall Pumpkin instead.

I have wanted to start  another screen drawing, using the Neocolor II  crayons, yet with the fall season coming  I noticed one of my small p...